Until we can safely say Sláinte in person once again, Guinness has some tips for how we can toast each other from afar. The iconic Irish brewers are also doubling their charitable commitment to $1 million during this difficult time. 

As we practice social distancing to do our part in flattening the curve of the Covid-19 pandemic, it's hard to feel so far apart from our family, friends, and communities. Guinness has shared an inspiring and hopeful message with some advice for how we can still connect and be together right now. 

"Over our 260 years, we’ve been through a lot. And we’re confident if we all support each other, we will come out of this closer than ever," the video begins.

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Then, the message turns into something you've probably never heard from Guinness before: "Don’t toast with your friends! At least not up close and personal."

But they have a few ideas for what we can do instead:

"A toast isn’t just about raising your glass, it’s about raising each other. And even though we can’t toast physically, we can toast virtually. Share a pint with your friend, try a new kind of happy hour. This is not only a time to be safe but a time to be good to each other. Text your neighbor, see how they’re doing. Call your grandparents, let them hear your voice."

A virtual happy hour with a pint of Guinness does sound especially nice! And in case you're wondering, here's how to pour the perfect Guinness Draught pint at home

They add that "when time is right we’ll meet you in the pub. We’ll help our bartenders get back on their feet and we will all toast again." 

In addition, the iconic Irish brewers have announced that they are doubling their initial charitable donation of $500,000 to support organizations in communities around the U.S. where they live, work and celebrate, to make it $1 million. Now that's something worth raising a glass to. 

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