Bulleit-aged Guinness is back! 

Last November, we went wild when Guinness released a limited-edition stout aged in Bulleit Bourbon barrels. It was a transatlantic collaboration: Guinness' Antwerpen stout was brewed in Dublin and then transported to the new Guinness US brewery to age in the bourbon barrels. 

Continuing their excellence in barrel-aged beers, the Guinness Open Gate Brewery in Baltimore has just launched a new limited-release Guinness Stock Ale aged in - yes that's right - Bulleit Bourbon barrels. 

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Since the brewery opened in August 2018, the Guinness team in Baltimore has proved their brewing talent and versatility with a rotating tap list of deliciously inventive yet quintessentially Guinness stouts, IPAs, sours, saisons, ales, and more. 

Stock ale is traditionally a blend of two different beer styles. In this case, Guinness Stock Ale is the marriage of a Guinness Barleywine and a Guinness Imperial Stout – both brewed in Baltimore and aged in Bulleit Bourbon barrels before being blended together.

What does it taste like? The high gravity stout and malty barleywine combine to create a hearty and full-bodied beer with notes of nutty chocolate, raisins, roasted barley, and sweet dark fruit. With an ABV of 10%, these complex flavors are best for sipping and savoring. 

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"One of the really cool things about brewing a stock ale is that you actually get to brew two completely separate beers with unique traits and their own identities, and then blend them together to create a beer that takes on some of both, but also has a life of its own," said Senior Brewer at the Guinness Open Gate Brewery in Baltimore, Sean Brennan.

"When you consider all of the flavors coming from the wood of the barrels thanks to Bulleit's subtle spice and oaky richness, there's a lot of powerful influences to take note of and process in the final beer. As we say, it's one to sip."

Guinness Stock Ale Aged in Bulleit Bourbon Barrels goes went on tap at the Guinness Open Gate Brewery in Baltimore on November 15 (better known as International Stout Day) and can be found on shelves at specialty beer stores across the U.S. in 4-packs of 11.2oz bottles for a limited time for a suggested retail price of $19.99.

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