The makers of the iconic Irish stout, Guinness are pulling out all the stops to support pubs and ensure bars get back on track by offering a clean and safe social environment for drinkers to enjoy. 

A crucial aspect of that is the offer of a fresh, clean pint of Guinness -- something millions have been dreaming of for months.

In order to do that, Guinness has deployed some 195 experts, who have been busy visiting over 10,000 pubs across the island of Ireland to carry out rigorous cleaning over 70,000 lines. 

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A special line cleaning system, dubbed the Surge 20X, is being used by Guinness. The system cleans by re-circulating rapid flows of water and detergent mix through each of the lines. 

Guinness global head of quality at Diageo Stephen Kilcullen said, “Our dedicated Guinness quality teams are on the road, calling to our licensed partners, undertaking a series of rigorous checks with the utmost care and individual attention, guaranteeing that people all over Ireland can enjoy a fresh, beautiful pint of Guinness when restaurants and pubs reopen.” 

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Managing Director of Diageo Ireland Oliver Loomes said, “Guinness is committed to the success of restaurants and pubs across Ireland as they begin to safely reopen while adhering to government guidelines. 

“Alongside the comprehensive quality plan to guarantee beautiful pints, we have been providing the trade with significant levels of support on all aspects relating to their evolving needs, including the establishment of a €1.5 million Guinness Fund for bar staff and communities impacted by Covid-19.” 

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