Guinness has been named the most popular beer in both the UK and the US, according to recent studies by market research company YouGov. 

The Irish stout was named the most-liked beer in the US in 2023, beating off Corona and Heineken to the title. American staple Bud Light ranked in 15th in the study. 

Meanwhile, YouGov also named Guinness the popular beer in the UK, stating that it accounts for one out of every nine pints pulled in Britain. 

YouGov also reports that Guinness has experienced a significant rise in popularity among UK women. 

To some, Guinness is an acquired taste, leading to a surge in TikTok videos suggesting different ways for people to get used to the taste of the Irish stout. 

There has been an abundance of TikToks posted in recent months offering advice on how to start drinking Guinness, from suggestions on how to sweeten the flavor of the stout to sophisticated Guinness cocktail recipes. 

One popular recipe suggests adding blackcurrant to Guinness to sweeten the flavor, while another controversial trend has seen Guinness fused with popular energy drink Monster. 

Other trends suggest blending Guinness with champagne or prosecco to create a Black Velvet cocktail, while a Guinness Espresso Float sees Guinness mixed with an espresso martini. 

@mycocktailbible Guinness Espresso Float The Espresso Martini meets Guinness 👌 Recipe ▪️Vanilla Vodka - 30ml ▪️Kahlua - 15ml ▪️Creme de Cacao - 15ml ▪️Espresso ▪️Coffee Guinness Float #espressomartini #Espresso #ramosginfizz #classiccocktail #coffeecocktail #chocolatecocktail #guinness #fridaynight #cocktailtime #cocktail #cocktailoftheday #drinksoftiktok ♬ I'm Shipping Up To Boston - Dropkick Murphys

Meanwhile, Guinness punch, a classic West Indies drink combining the Irish stout with whole milk, condensed milk, and spices, has been popular on the video-sharing platform for several years. 

Although they contain no actual Guinness, shots of "Baby Guinness" have exploded in popularity, both on social media and in bars across Ireland. 

The drink blends Baileys and Tia Maria for a rich and delicious shot.