An Irish pub in Galway is offering three freshly-poured pints of Guinness for only €3 a pint for a short time on Saturday, May 28.

P. J. Flaherty's in Salthill, Galway, has advertised a very special deal that's available for today only. 

On Saturday, May 28, in exchange for €10, you can get three freshly poured pints of Guinness and a euro in return - so it's only €3 a pint.

According to the pub's social media post, this remarkable deal is being offered to celebrate the Champions League Final and the prices will only be available for an extremely limited window of 90 minutes, reports GalwayBeo.

Liverpool vs Real Madrid in the Champions League final on Saturday, May 28
The match kicks off at 8pm BST/3pm ET.
It will be held at the Stade de France in Paris

— UEFA Champions League Final Live Stream (@UefaSemi) May 21, 2022

In addition, Baby Guinness half-time shots will be available for €2.50.

The Irish pub's Instagram post reads: "PJ's Bar Salthill Champions League Final Party, Saturday May 28.

"Warm up drinks 6-7:30pm, Guinness €3.

"Half-time shots, Baby Guinness €2.50. See you all there."

So, starting at 6pm, you will have 90 minutes to take advantage of this incredible offer.  

You will then have around 10-15 minutes to get as many shots of baby Guinness down as you can before the second half of the match gets underway.