Colin Farrell revealed on Jimmy Kimmel Live that he has Abrakebabra's first-ever 'black card,' which entitles him to unlimited free food at the Irish fast-food chain.  

Colin Farrell appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live this week where the Irish actor, in top form, regaled his host with stories about Irish kebab shop Abrakebabra.

The Dublin-born actor said he became the inaugural holder of Abrakebabra's 'gold card' a number of years ago when he did an interview with Aer Lingus and promoted their food. 

Farrell was promoted to the exclusive black card after he appeared on the Jimmy Kimmel Show last year and "took the thing international." 

According to Farrell, a gold card merely entitles him to free meals, while a black card grants him and whoever accompanies him unlimited free food. 

"No one has a black card, the pope doesn't have one," said Farrell. "But I can bring the pope for a free kebab because that's what I get," he quipped, drawing raucous laughter from the live audience. 

In a previous appearance on the Jimmy Kimmel Show, Farrell claimed that U2 frontman Bono was also a gold card holder. 

Farrell produced the unique card and an incredulous Kimmel read the inscription on the back of the card aloud. 

"Absolutely no restrictions apply to Colin Farrell. The original gold card holder," the inscription read. 

Farrell fondly remembered receiving the card in the mail: "I was so charmed by that. I can't tell you how giddy I was receiving that in the post." 

Jimmy Kimmel displays Colin Farrell's Abrakebabra black card (Jimmy Kimmel Live, YouTube)

Jimmy Kimmel displays Colin Farrell's Abrakebabra black card (Jimmy Kimmel Live, YouTube)

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Farrell also revealed that he had recently done an ancestry test and discovered that he was 98.7% Irish. He said that the remaining 1.3% of his DNA comes from central Europe.

"I was so disappointed I'm not the real deal. I'm only 98.7%," Farrell joked. 

The "In Bruges" and "Dumbo" star confirmed that he will play the Penguin in the upcoming Batman movie which is set to begin shooting in three weeks. 

When Kimmel questioned how he planned to gain sufficient weight to play the famous portly villain, Farrell hinted that he would make several trips to the now-famous kebab chain.  

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