Saoirse certainly wasn't expecting this!

Saoirse Ronan, still in the midst of her Irish media tour for her new film Mary Queen of Scots, stopped by The Late Late Show last week to chat with host Ryan Tubridy.

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During her visit, Tubridy managed to pull off an adorable surprise for Saoirse Ronan.

“We found something really interesting, that you don’t know about,” Tubridy said to Ronan, who instantly grew suspicious.

“You were 10 years old,” Tubridy continued, “and there was a competition running on the radio, on the Gerry Ryan show.”

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“Oh my god,” Ronan interjects, copping on to what’s happening.

For the radio competition, entrants had to explain why they wanted to visit Disney World in Florida but had to speak as one of the characters from the Shrek movies.

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Ronan, ever the talented actress, put on a commanding performance as the Gingerbread Man from the film series.

Luckily for Ronan and her parents, who at that point had never had a “proper” holiday, they won the competition.

Listen to the adorable clip here: