'The Irishman' starring Robert DeNiro and Al Pacino is due for a fall 2019 release

Martin Scorsese’s latest project ‘The Irishman’ was finally teased during the Oscars on Sunday night.

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The film, which has been in development for nearly a decade, has been described as a “passion project” for veteran director Martin Scorsese, who won the 2007 Best Director Oscar for ‘The Departed.’

Martin Scorsese winning his Oscar in 2007 (Getty)

Martin Scorsese winning his Oscar in 2007 (Getty)

In ‘The Irishman,’ which was adapted from Charles Brandt’s 2004 bestselling ‘I Heard You Paint Houses,’ Scorsese continues his love affair with gritty crime dramas that feature Irish undertones.

Esquire reports that Robert DeNiro plays Frank ‘The Irishman’ Sheeran, a hitman for Jimmy Hoffa who ends up being ordered by a crime boss to kill Hoffa himself. This is DeNiro and Scorcese’s ninth time working together.

DeNiro and Scorsese on set for 'The Irishman' (IMDB)

DeNiro and Scorsese on set for 'The Irishman' (IMDB)

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DeNiro teams up with Hollywood A-listers Joe Pesci, Anna Paquin, Al Pacino, Harvey Keitel, and more in the film.

DeNiro and Pacino on set for 'The Irishman' (IMDB)

DeNiro and Pacino on set for 'The Irishman' (IMDB)

With such an impressive cast, it's no surprise that the film is big-budget. After the big Hollywood production houses passed on the project, Netflix invested a staggering $100 million before filming even began. The film is set to be released on both Netflix and in theaters in the fall.

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Watch the teaser trailer for ‘The Irishman’ here:

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US film director Martin Scorsese reacts during the award tribute ceremony for US actor Robert de Niro as part of the 17th Marrakech International Film Festival on December 1, 2018. FADEL SENNA/AFP/Getty Images