Irish dance and Christmas carols combined like you’ve never seen them before.

They had told her but couldn’t be done but traditional Irish dancer Hannah Redlich was determined to ring in the Christmas period with a festive Irish dance. The talented American dancer donned her hard shoes to play the role of an elf whose talents don’t necessarily lie in making Christmas presents for Santa but in entertaining crowds as she performs “Carol of the Elves” to the sounds of the iconic Christmas carol “Carol of the Bells.”

“Thought you couldn't Irish dance to Christmas carols?? Think again!  Hope you enjoy this dance-film to 'Carol of the Bells.'  Merry Christmas,” Redlich writes.

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Joining her in the video are her sister Olivia and piano player Jenna Ferrazzo who plays the carol for her dance steps.   

You may remember Redlich for the stunning job she made of an Irish dance routine to the music of famed musical Hamilton, a piece of choreography so good that it was shared by none other than Lin Manuel Miranda himself.

She has also wowed us with her alternative version to Riverdance and her dance to the music of Ed Sheeran.

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Make sure to share this gift with the Irish dance fans in your life this Christmas.

Watch Irish dancer Hannah Redlich take on a Christmas carol. Hannah Redlich/YouTube