Maureen O’Hara’s “The Quiet Man” is America’s favorite Irish movie, but how many of its quotes do you know?

“The Quiet Man” is surely Irish America’s favorite movie, so much so that it has become part of the St. Patrick’s Day tradition for many Irish families across America to watch the movie starring Maureen O’Hara and John Wayne every March!

It’s little wonder that “The Quiet Man” movie references and “Quiet Man” quotes roll off people’s lips so easily.

Not long ago IrishCentral carried out a survey of Irish Americans and confirmed the fact that John Ford’s 1952 classic “The Quiet Man” movie is the group's favorite Irish film.

How well do you know the beloved “The Quiet Man” filmed in Cong, County Mayo? Did we include your favorite quote?

Here are the top “The Quiet Man” quotes, according to IMDB

Mary Kate Danaher: Could you use a little water in your whiskey?

Michaleen Flynn: When I drink whiskey, I drink whiskey; and when I drink water, I drink water.

Fishwoman with basket at station: Sir!... Sir!... Here's a good stick, to beat the lovely lady.

Father Peter Lonergan, Narrator: Ah, yes... I knew your people, Sean. Your grandfather; he died in Australia, in a penal colony. And your father, he was a good man too.

Hugh Forbes: Then, a toast: May their days be long and full of happiness; may their children be many and full of health; and may they live in peace... and freedom.

Thornton: There'll be no locks or bolts between us, Mary Kate... except those in your own mercenary little heart!

Michaleen Flynn: Well it's a nice, soft night, so I think I'll go and join me comrades and talk a little treason. G'night, Sean.

Thornton: G'night, Michaleen.

Here's a trailer for "The Quiet Man":

"Red Will" Danaher: I'll count three, and if you're not out of the house by then, I'll loose the dogs on you.

Thornton: If you say "three," mister, you'll never hear the man count "ten."

Michaleen Flynn: No patty-fingers, if you please. The proprieties at all times. Hold on to your hats.

Michaleen Flynn: Is this a courting or a donnybrook? Have the good manners not to hit the man until he's your husband and entitled to hit you back.

"Red Will" Danaher: He'll regret it till his dying day if ever he lives that long.

"Red Will" Danaher: Mind you, I'm fresh as a daisy!

Thornton: You look more like a Black-Eyed Susan to me.

Michaleen Flynn: He's a nice, quiet, peace-loving man, come home to Ireland to forget his troubles. Sure, yes, yes, he's a millionaire, you know, like all the Yanks. But he's eccentric - ooh, he is eccentric! Wait 'til I show ya... his bag to sleep in - a sleeping bag, he calls it! Here, let me show you how it operates.

Maureen O'Hara and John Wayne in "The Quiet Man".

Maureen O'Hara and John Wayne in "The Quiet Man".

Mary Kate Danaher: I have a fearful temper. You might as well know about it now instead of findin' out about it later. We Danahers are a fightin' people.

Thornton: I can think of a lot of things I'd rather do to one of the Danahers - Miss Danaher.

Mary Kate Danaher: Shhh, Mr. Thornton! What will Mr. Flynn be thinkin'?

Mary Kate Danaher: What manner of man is it that I have married?

Hugh Forbes: A better one, I think, than you know, Mary Kate.

Thornton: If anybody had told me six months ago that today I'd be in a graveyard in Innisfree with a girl like you that I'm just about to kiss, I'd have told 'em...

Mary Kate Danaher: Oh, but the kisses are a long way off yet!

Thornton: Huh?

Mary Kate Danaher: Well, we just started a-courtin', and next month, we, we start the walkin' out, and the month after that there'll be the threshin' parties, and the month after that...

Thornton: Nope.

Mary Kate Danaher: Well, maybe we won't have to wait that month...

Thornton: Yup.

Mary Kate Danaher: ...or for the threshin' parties...

Thornton: Nope.

Mary Kate Danaher: ...or for the walkin' out together...

Thornton: No.

Mary Kate Danaher: ...and so much the worse for you, Sean Thornton, for I feel the same way about it myself!

[They kiss. Thunder rolls]

Still from "The Quiet Man."

Still from "The Quiet Man."

Pat Cohan: Ah, what a day for Innisfree! On a day like this, I can say only one thing - Gentlemen, the drinks are on the house!

[pub patrons suddenly stop their conversations and stare at him in stunned silence]

Pat Cohan: Well, they are!

"Red Will" Danaher: I'll let you buy me a drink, at your wake! Ha!

"Red Will" Danaher: If you've come for supper, you're late.

Michaleen Flynn: A gracious invitation, but, thank you, no.

* Originally published in August 2016, last updated in February 2021.