On the (very, very) off chance that Prince Harry reads Ireland’s Sunday Independent, he’ll surely have noticed a piece from the paper’s new columnist, Sinéad O’Connor, offering her strong support for the rebel royal, now based in California with his wife Meghan Markle and their two kiddies.

Sinéad O'Connor has often shared kind words about Harry and the trauma he experienced over the death of his mom Princess Diana.  

Last Sunday, Sinéad wrote in her column entitled "Hi Harry, the Granny Forces are with you" that she sympathizes with the prince, given that she too lost her mother at an early age, also in a car accident.

Harry's new series on Apple+ TV, The Me You Can’t See, she feels, is “slammin’ it.”

"As someone who has trauma-related mental health struggles, I wanted to let you know how bowled over I am by your Apple TV series…You just keep shining on through,” Sinéad wrote in her open letter to Prince Harry.

“I do know something of the grief you've been brave enough to share in the public arena. It's a shock that takes years to come out of when someone dies so violently and suddenly. It's a lifetime's recovery.

Sinead O'Connor.

Sinead O'Connor.

"I really identified with you when you shared the rage and anger you felt at the time of your mother's passing. I was the same. I'm sure we all were, any of us who ever lost someone in that sudden way. Transcending that grief as you've done by sharing it cuts through a lot of garbage. And a lot of us appreciate what you're doing."

Well…that may be so, but the Duke and Duchess of Sussex attract a lot of negative press too for their attacks on Britain’s royal family. But Sinéad is firmly on Team Harry.  

Who knows, maybe the retired Irish singer, now a writer with a best-selling memoir 'Rememberings' and a regular Indo column, might feature on one of Harry’s mega-media deals (Netflix, Spotify, etc.) someday.

"When so many of us see the work you're doing for people who experience mental health struggles, we see you stomping on stigma. And we're all delighted for you.

"Most importantly, we know how proud your mama is of the incredible young man you are,” Sinéad added.

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