Right now, superstar, John Krasinski is in the spotlight the star-studded movie he wrote, directed, and stars in, "If" is about to hit the cinemas. Speaking at the premiere of his latest movie the Irish-Polish filmmaker spoke about his love for Ireland, his many trips to the homeland and the house he owns in Goleen, County Cork. 

Krasinski was born in Boston, Massachusetts, to Mary Clare Doyle and Ronald Krasinski. As he put it himself in a 2020 interview with Joe.ie, he's 50-50 Irish and Polish.

Speaking to FM 104 he spoke about his various trips to Ireland and how he hopes to spend more time there. He said that while his wife Emily Blunt was filming the 2020 Netflix movie "Wild Mountain Thyme" for several months. Krasinski also joked that he's still waiting for Oscar-winner Cillian Murphy, his "Quiet Place" co-star to call him back.

He said "I visited Emily when she was filming out West shooting. I’ve been to Dublin several times and I’m waiting for Cillian Murphy to call me back to go back to Dublin."

While he has strong links to Munster he added that while he is fifty percent Irish he knows not to sound like many other Americans who boast of the heritage.

"I love Ireland. Now that I know as an American I can’t be like, 'I’m Irish', I have a heritage in Ireland down south in Goleen, in County Cork," he added.

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In 2020, Krasinski spoke about his family's house in Goleen, Cork. He explained to Joe.ie that his great-great-grandmother, who was from Mizen, had left strict instructions when she left just one thing in her will

The couple have spent time in Goleen, in the home left to Krasinski's family by a great, great grandmother who was from the Mizen left the house to her descendants. The only stipulation was that if you stay there you have to do one thing.

"You have to sign the wall and say how we're related and what year you visited... it's really moving. When you go you just see in marker all these names and dates. It's really beautiful."

Krasinski's latest movie "IF" is out on May 17. The heartfelt movie tells the tale of "a young girl who goes through a difficult experience begins to see everyone's imaginary friends who have been left behind as their real-life friends have grown up." 

The cast is truly filled with stars including Ryan Reynolds, Steve Carell, 
Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Matt Damon, Maya Rudolph and, of course, John Krasinski to name but a few.