Wild Mountain Thyme’s time in movie theaters must have been very short because it’s no longer playing on the big screen after debuting about four weeks ago.

The much-maligned film is still available on several on-demand platforms, and it’s female lead, Emily Blunt, has zero regrets.

British-born Emily told the Sunday World that she "loved" her month or so in Ireland last year filming with co-star Jamie Dornan. 

“I loved it," Blunt said. "This film is so sumptuous to look at that it makes me want to go back there. It's this otherworldly, Jurassic, beautiful place and to get to work there and experience the people and how warm and brilliant they all are was incredible.

"Who wouldn't want to go to Ireland after seeing this?” said Emily, who makes her home in Brooklyn with husband, fellow actor John Krasinski, and their two kids.

The Irish accents employed by Jamie and Emily for their country characters aren’t exactly music to the ears. She tried, though.

“We were given quite a specific rural Irish accent to learn. Jamie was also having to speak in a different Irish accent from what he normally speaks in so it was a learning curve for all of us,” she says.

“For me, learning an accent is another challenge that I embrace. I find that shape-shifting part of the job is really fun.”

Even more fun was spending time with her new friend Jamie, born and raised just up the road in Belfast. 

“I find Jamie completely adorable. I love him. It was just heaven to work with him. He's endlessly funny and silly so we had a blast,” Emily revealed.

“In the same way his character has quite a lot of vulnerabilities, Jamie has got his own oddities that are so endearing. I kind of wanted to hug Jamie to protect him. It was really special to work with him.”

"Wild Mountain Thyme" is now available on-demand.