A television series about the 1972 abduction and murder of Jean McConville is in the works.

McConville, a 38-year-old widow with 10 children, was taken from her home in Belfast by suspected members of the IRA after being wrongly accused of being an informer. Her remains were discovered on a beach in Louth in 2003.

The limited series will be based on Patrick Radden Keefe’s book Say Nothing: A True Story of Murder and Memory in Northern Ireland.

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Color Force, the production company behind American Crime Story (The People vs OJ Simpson, The Assassination Of Gianni Versace), will produce the new series, which will air on FX.

Color Force's Brad Simpson and Nina Jacobson will serve as executive producers on the show along with Keefe, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

"We're always on the lookout for a literary page-turner, and when we started Patrick's book we couldn't put it down. We're very excited he's partnering with us to tell this story on FX," said the show's producers.

Simpson added: "It's in the sweet spot for us and FX — on some level it's a crime thriller, an espionage thriller, but it's also about something more deep and resonant."

Jean McConville's son has called plans to make a TV show based on his mother’s murder as “sickening.”

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In a statement released via the Wave Trauma Centre, he said: "They call it drama, but for us it’s trauma. They will have someone pretending to be the mother we loved. I just can’t bear the thought of it. Using what happened to our mother for entertainment is sickening. To make money out of her murder and the pain that has been in our lives ever since is cruel and obscene. I doubt they even think of us as real people.

He added: “We’re just characters in a story to be played with and forgotten about when they move onto the next money-maker."

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