Is Damian McGinty’s character of Rory Flanagan on ‘Glee’ already being labeled as stereotypical? Recent shots of McGinty on set show him in what The Herald describes as “a ghastly green outfit.”

McGinty’s clothes include a dark green shirt outfitted with a lighter green vest, perhaps too close for comfort to most portrayals of leprechauns. However, The Herald goes on to raise the point that Rory’s lack of fashion sense will help ease him in with the “terminally uncool” Glee kids at McKinley High.

The Herald also draws attention to McGinty’s “Elvis-style quiff” that tops off his green ensemble. McGinty’s new appearance is certainly a departure from his otherwise “slick crooner” style he’s known for as member of Celtic Thunder.


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Damian McGinty, co-champion of ‘The Glee Project’, will appear on FOX’s ‘Glee’ beginning November 4th. Accommodating the 19 year old’s undeniable Derry accent, his character will be a foreign exchange student from Ireland who will live with Brittany’s family on the show.

Rory will give Chris Colfer’s character Kurt a run for his money when he sings a falsetto in his first song, one of Kurt’s trademarks. Rory rustles more feathers when Santana grows jealous of his and Brittany’s relationship.

All other details of McGinty’s plotline have been kept under wraps this far. Currently, McGinty is only slotted for several shows, but the amount could change depending on fan’s reactions.