A Game of Thrones tapestry measuring over 200 feet in length has been unveiled at the Ulster Museum in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

In total, the tapestry took three months to create. The was new material was added each week with scenes from each episode featured in the extensive canvas.

With the final season starting on April 14, fans can catch up on the adventure so far by following the story on the canvas which can be seen in full here, allowing you to scroll through episode by episode and relieve all your favorite parts of the hit show. 

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Tourism Ireland has made a beautiful tapestry featuring 160 scenes from #GameofThrones. pic.twitter.com/XixiXQ5UuU

— Winter is Coming (@WiCnet) July 18, 2017

Games of Thrones is filmed across Europe but the show’s home base was in Northern Ireland where the production team work and most scenes take place.

Officials hoped that the tapestry would further enhance Northern Ireland’s appeal as a destination to fans of the hit series.

The series is thought to have boosted the province’s economy by as much as $200 million and in 2016 alone the number of tourists visiting Northern Ireland jumped by 12% to 2.6 million.

The series is increasingly popular in China and India - far from Northern Ireland’s traditional market - but local hoteliers have certainly noticed a change in their clientele and Games of Thrones is often the reason named for the visit.

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*Originally published in 2017.