“Endless Sunshine on a Cloudy Day” is about the shared cancer journey of Irish influencer Jade McCann and her father Anthony.

John Connors’s directorial feature debut “Endless Sunshine on a Cloudy Day,” a look at the shared cancer battle between Irish influencer Jade McCann and her father Anthony, is available for rental online through April 27.

In March 2018, 24-year-old Co Wicklow native Jade McCann was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer, just three weeks after her father Anthony had also been diagnosed with cancer. In the following months, McCann began to share her and her father’s cancer journey with her tens of thousands of fans across social media.

Jade McCann and her father Anthony. (Cluster Fox Films)

Jade McCann and her father Anthony. (Cluster Fox Films)

Connors says his documentary, produced by Dublin-based Cluster Fox Films, “looks behind Jade’s online personae as she comes to terms with her own mortality. Jade learns to understand how the power of love can overcome one of life’s biggest fears.

“Jade essentially uses social media to help her deal with life’s problems, yet this as become a double-edged sword, especially when beauty masks an internal struggle with disease. Her identity as a cancer patient on Instagram has left her with many existential questions as her illness progresses. Her unique journey is a sort of modern-day 'Truman Show.'

“Jade’s bravery is outstanding, living her life online, by her own rules, fighting cancer in her own unique way. Jade and her father have to deal with their own mortality individually, but also to come together to support one another. A daughter and father fighting with all their might to not just survive, but trying to thrive in spite of overwhelming odds.”

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The documentary, which has garnered praise from Irish people including Finbar Furey, Damien Dempsey, Aidan Gillen, and Gerry Adams, won the coveted audience award for best film at the Virgin Media Dublin International Film Festival in March 2020:

'Endless Sunshine on a Cloudy Day' scooped the 2020 Audience Award 🍿

Congratulations to @johnconnors1990 and all the team involved! pic.twitter.com/WZ9v9zuogp

— Virgin Media Dublin International Film Festival (@DublinFilmFest) March 10, 2020

You can check out the trailer for “Endless Sunshine on a Cloudy Day” here, and rent the full documentary on Vimeo here.

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