Dermot Kennedy made an impromptu performance at Swift Hibernian Lounge, his favorite Irish pub in New York City, after his first-ever headlining gig at Madison Square Garden on Wednesday night, June 14.

Dublin native Kennedy is in the midst of his “Sonder” tour, and it’s safe to say that his show at Madison Square Garden was a highlight for the former Grafton Street busker.

Ahead of Wednesday night’s show, Kennedy posted on social media: “Well the day has finally arrived. I’m not going to try to capture the feeling here, because I know I’ll fail. But from playing on street corners to a headline show at the most iconic venue in the world, and EVERYTHING in between.

"Please know that I am so so so grateful for this. Let’s make this special New York City. Love ♥️ X”

Afterward, he posted that the experience was "a dream."

It was special indeed as fans flocked to see the 31-year-old Irish singer-songwriter perform songs from his self-titled debut EP, “Without Fear,” and “Sonder.” In a thoughtful nod to his native Ireland, Kennedy used an audio recording of President Michael D. Higgins speaking about creativity during the show.

But the excitement didn’t end when the lights came up in the world-famous Garden - Kennedy headed downtown to Swift Hibernian Lounge where he climbed atop the bar with his guitar to sing for excited punters.

One lucky attendee posted on social media afterward: "Look who showed up at the local."

In the video, Kennedy sweetly waves at his dad to get him to ask the crowd to be quiet before performing a heartfelt rendition of "The Parting Glass."

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Sharing snaps and videos of Kennedy on its Instagram stories, Swift Hibernian Lounge summed up the event simply saying: "Some night!"

Swift Hibernian Lounge had "some night!" with Dermot Kennedy's pop-up performance. (Swift Hibernian Lounge, Instagram)

Swift Hibernian Lounge had "some night!" with Dermot Kennedy's pop-up performance. (Swift Hibernian Lounge, Instagram)

It's no surprise that Kennedy headed for Swift after his big New York City concert - he revealed back in November that it's his favorite pub in the Big Apple.

“It’s unbelievable," Kennedy said of Swift. "It’s like an Irish pub without being, like, corny.”

In what could be considered an interesting bit of foreshadowing, Kennedy also said he wouldn’t mind if Swift in New York would be “jam-packed with fans” now that he’s revealed it to be his favorite, but did add with a laugh “there’s a pub in Ireland that I don’t talk about.”