Dermot Kennedy, who is promoting his new studio album “Sonder,” returned to where it all began on Tuesday night - Dublin's Grafton Street, where he used to busk as an up-and-coming musician.

This time, however, Kennedy performed from the balcony of Bewley's Cafe and he was joined by throngs of fans, most of whom were singing along to his songs word for word with him.

Kennedy has taken to playing pop-up busking sessions over the past year and he used Tuesday's night event to raise money for Barretstown Camp, which says its mission is to "create opportunities for children and their families to reach beyond serious illness and discover joy, confidence and a new world of possibilities, always free of charge."

Kennedy played for about a half hour to the mobbed Grafton Street, singing his hit songs "Lost," "Outnumbered," "Better Days," "Kiss Me," and "Something to Someone."

During "Something to Someone," Kennedy asked everyone to put their cell phone lights in the air, resulting in a scene unlike any other ever seen on Grafton Street.

"When we do these [busks], we really don't know how it's going to go, and you can't predict how many people are going to be here," Kennedy said during his set, "so just - I'm never not surprised and blown away by how many people turn up for me, so thank you very much, thank you."

Kennedy treated his fans to one final song, "The Parting Glass," which he aptly described as "very important to this country."

Afterward, Kennedy said on social media that the special busk "raised a tonne of money for Barretstown Camp."

He added: “That was something I will NEVER forget.

“My hometown and my heart ♥️ once in a lifetime feeling X"

That was something I will NEVER forget. My hometown and my heart ♥️ once in a lifetime feeling X

— Dermot Kennedy (@DermotKennedy) November 22, 2022