Students from two Cork schools teamed up in February 2023 to perform a poignant rendition of the Aslan hit "Crazy World" in honor of the band's frontman Christy Dignam, who was receiving palliative care at the time.

School of the Divine Child at the Lavanagh Centre and Scoil Ursula in Blackrock teamed up with Cork musicians Clodagh Kearney and Stephen Manning to produce the music video, which features children singing and using Lámh, a form of sign language designed for Irish children and adults with intellectual disabilities. 

Kearney, a music educator and self-proclaimed Aslan fan, described the collaboration between the two schools as a "special gift" to Dignam.

"We have always found Christy to be uncommonly kind over the years opening for him and encountering him, and the kids are absolutely loving Aslan music the last few years," Kearney told CorkBeo. 

"And I’m amazed by the way he uses his hands when he’s performing – the gestures and everything, and the kids were always fascinated by it too, so we thought it’d be a really cool idea to bring the two schools together signing with Lámh and send it to Christy," she added. 

"The kids really think he’s class and so do we. So as he’s sick at the moment we just thought it might bring him a smile." 

Dignam's family announced in January 2023 that the 62-year-old singer, who was diagnosed with a rare blood disorder called amyloidosis in 2013, was receiving palliative care in his Dublin home. 

Sadly, Dignam passed away in June 2023 and an outpouring of love and grief was witnessed around the world.

* Originally published in Feb 2023, updated in Sept 2023.