Conan O'Brien paid a visit to the Chicago Irish American Heritage Center back in 2012.

Conan O'Brien visited Chicago’s Irish American Heritage Center to get in touch with his Irish roots back in 2012.

During his tour of the Center, which features not one, not two, but six bars in the former elementary school, O'Brien was treated to a lesson from the world-renowned Trinity Irish Dancers, where he learned firsthand just how difficult the traditional art form can be.

Still, that didn’t stop O’Brien from donning a Michael Flatley-inspired ensemble and joining some of the professionals on stage for a brief performance. The show nearly went over without a hitch, at least until O'Brien accidentally kicked an Irish dancer in the face.

O'Brien later invited the talented group of Irish dancers to perform in front of his live studio audience where they were met with rousing applause.

Check out the hilarious video here!

Of course, Irish roots run deep with the late-night talk show host. Last year, while appearing on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, O’Brien recalled his recent DNA test results surprised his doctor.

During a routine physical, O’Brien’s doctor offered to run a DNA test for him and called him two weeks later to deliver the results.

“I’ve never, ever, ever had a DNA result like this before,” the doctor told O’Brien, “and I’ve been doing this for ten years.”

O’Brien says the doctor told him “You are 100% Irish.”

“I've never seen a 100 percent anything,” the doctor told O’Brien. “I've been doing this a lot, I've seen 93.5 [percent], I've seen 96.1, I've seen 97. No one is 100 percent Irish.”

* Originally published in March 2020.