Renowned the world over, Celtic Thunder is one of the most prominent Irish live music acts on the planet, but what is their story, and what are their best songs? 

Established in Dublin in 2007, Celtic Thunder has garnered global acclaim for emotionally charged performances and cutting-edge productions. Billboard magazine has awarded them Top World Album Artist five times, solidifying their position as a musical powerhouse.

Celtic Thunder's newest album "Odyssey," inspired by their recent North American tour, takes listeners on a sweeping journey through traditional Irish music heartlands.

Each member of Celtic Thunder contributes their unique voice and charisma to this musical expedition, creating a harmonious blend that resonates with a diverse audience.

Enjoy some of their best music with IrishCentral's Best of Celtic Thunder Playlist:

Celtic Thunder's Best Songs:

A Bird Without Wings

An original Celtic Thunder song and an absolutely heart-stopping love song. 

The Galway Girl

Because no Irish music playlist would be complete without this staple. It helps that Celtic Thunder have produced an excellent cover of the famous song. 

Seven Drunken Nights

A brilliant live rendition of the classic song. 


Seaweed (Dulaman) has never sounded so appealing. 

Scorn Not His Simplicity

A touching cover of one of the most beautiful Irish song's ever written. Scorn Not His Simplicity was written by former Celtic Thunder Musical Director Phil Coulter about his experiences raising his first son, who was born with Down syndrome. 

She Moved Through the Fair

Another haunting cover of an Irish classic. Listeners may remember the song from the climax of Neil Jordan's "Michael Collins."  


One of the most touching Irish songs ever written, Carrickfergus deals with the theme of moving away from Ireland. 

Rocky Road to Dublin

No Celtic Thunder gig, or concert, would be complete without a rendition of this jaunty number renowned the world over. 


A touching rendition of the famous Scottish ballad. 

* Originally published in Aug 2020, updated in August 2023.