Bono, the frontman for Irish rock group U2, has been ranked the ninth greatest rock lead singer in a band in a new list from Billboard.

63-year-old Dublin rocker Bono is in good company on the new list, sandwiched between Axl Rose of Guns N' Roses and George Clinton of Parliament/Funkadelic on Billboard's 50 Greatest Rock Lead Singers of All Time ranking.

Here’s what Billboard said of the Bono, aka Paul Hewson: “More than his vocal strength or range, Bono has something that transcends pure vocal talent — the ability to connect. 

“One of rock’s greatest and most charismatic communicators, the U2 frontman often slides from a whisper to a scream and isn’t afraid to show the strain if it means revealing emotion. 

“To see Bono on stage, even as his too cool, devilish MacPhisto persona during the Zoo tour, is to see a frontman who wants not only to be seen, but to see and to, somehow, reach up to the rafters. 

“Five decades in, that unforgettable fire still burns with a desperation to bridge any gulf between performer and audience, in a way that often makes U2 shows a spiritual experience unlike any other.”

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Indeed, Bono and the U2 lads show no sign of slowing down. The iconic rockers (except for Larry Mullen, Jr who is recovering from surgery) kick off their highly-anticipated Las Vegas residency on September 29.

In April, U2 added several more dates to their Las Vegas residency. A few days later, Ticketmaster confirmed that due to extremely high demand during presales, there would not be a general on-sale for U2's Las Vegas gigs.

“I’m surprised I’m not feeling anxious," Bono said of the upcoming residency which is being hosted at the new Sphere venue in Las Vegas.

"Normally when I walk into a venue, I can feel that sort of anxiety and I haven’t had it here. I’m just very excited.”

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