Amy Huberman made this Irish mammy’s day!

Irish actress Amy Huberman made one Irish mammy’s day when she managed to track the mammy’s son in New York City and Facetime her back in Ireland.

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Huberman, who is married Irish rugby star Brian O’Driscoll, shared the amazing encounter on her Instagram:

Huberman is currently in New York City - where there’s presently no shortage of Irish students visiting on their J1 visas for the summer - with her husband, rugby star Brian O’Driscoll.

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On Instagram, the Irish starlet, who most recently featured in the RTE series ‘Finding Joy,’ wrote: “A lovely lady called Yvonne left a comment yesterday to say if I bumped into her son Sean in New York on his J1 to tell him to FaceTime his Ma more! He saw it & messaged me and we arranged our coordinates just now to FaceTime home to his Ma. Jaysus the world is tiny and Yvonne he’s grand and washing behind his ears! Gowan the Irish sons!”

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Good woman, Amy!