Sometimes America and Ireland are two countries separated by a common language. Here are ten words that mean very different things in Ireland and America. 

Table: As in “table a motion.”

Directly opposite meanings: In US means remove and end the motion in Ireland means present it.

Ride: Careful here!

Asking for a ride in the US means you need a lift. In Ireland it means you're asking for sex.


Pharmacist in Ireland, specialist in chemistry in US.


Means french fries in Ireland, potato crisps in America


Be especially careful with this one! Backside in US, vagina in Ireland.


Means soccer in Ireland, American football in the US


Get your driving terms straight! In Ireland it means the hood of the car in America a child’s head covering


Means two weeks as in “see you in a fortnight “ – According to my nephew's childhood in America it means having a sleepover in a blanket fort you and your best friend made that afternoon.


Very common in Ireland as in “I’m grand” –i.e. fine. In America it means big.

*Originally published June 2014

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