Have you tried an Irish crisp sandwich before? Tayto chips, Kerrygold butter and Brennan's bread... You're in for a treat.

This may seem strange to people outside of Ireland, but buttering some bread and filling your sandwich with crisps (aka chips) is one of the best things in the world to eat, especially if you have Brennan's bread, Kerrygold butter, and Tayto on hand to help you make it!

When it comes to culinary delights, Ireland has more to offer than just its traditional cuisine. Among its unique culinary creations is the humble Irish crisp sandwich. This simple yet satisfying treat has gained popularity not only among the Irish but also among celebrities and food enthusiasts worldwide.

While it may sound strange, the proof is in the pudding - eh, sandwich! - when it comes to this uniquely Irish snack.

Favored by people at the end of a long night of serious craic, or the perfect snack when you're in a hurry, the Irish crisp sandwich is undeniably one of Ireland's most beloved culinary selections. In fact, in the past as well as Jamie Doran, who showed Jimmy Kimmel how to make the culinary on his show other stars who've proclaimed their love for the Irish treat include Hozier, Niall Horan, Colin Farrell and comedian Dara O Briain.

The only thing we couldn't all agree on is whether it's sacrilegious to use anything other than Tayto Cheese and Onion between your slices of bread.  What do you reckon? Of course, then there are purists who believe only cheese and onion crisps should be used, and then the question becomes do you use Tayto or King crisps?! Decisions, decisions. 

Here's our video on how to make the perfect crisp sandwich: 

The perfect crisp sandwich

As part of Food Month at IrishCentral, we present the perfect way to make the perfect crisp sandwich. Cook up a storm with one of our delicious Irish food and drink recipes and read more about Irish food here: http://bit.ly/318lpvU

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* Originally published in June 2019, updated in June 2023.