Out of the goodness of our hearts we here at IrishCentral have provided for you a list of the ten best things that will compliment your tall, frothy, chilled pint of the black stuff.
Here is the list of the top ten things that go with a Guinness:

1. Beef stew

This hearty meal consisting of succulent beef, a rich, beefy broth and fork-tender vegetables goes well with the bitter brew.

2. Shepherd’s pie

This delicious dish is basically a casserole with a foundation of vegetables and meat (beef, mutton, lamb) topped with mashed potatoes and then baked. It is referred to as “cottage pie” by the English.

Shepherd’s pie

Shepherd’s pie

3. Baked salmon

This fish is abundant in Ireland and also packed full of nutrients and oils. Paired with Guinness it’s most definitely a superfood.

4. Oysters on the half shell

This delectable seafood, well known for its aphrodisiac quality, is native to the Emerald Isle and known as “Ostrea Edulis”. Oyster aficionados gather at the Galway International Oyster and Seafood Festival each year in late September.

5. Fish and Chips

This traditional comfort food goes well with a pint. The tasty treat consisting of a battered or breadcrumbed piece of fish (traditionally cod) accompanied by deep-fried chips dates back to 1858.

Fish and Chips

Fish and Chips

6. Kidney Pie

Also referred to as “steak and kidney pie” this scrumptious pastry is filled with gravy, fried onion, diced kidney (ox, lamb, or pork) and diced beef. The gravy is a salted beef broth seasoned with Worcestershire sauce and black pepper.
7. Ice Cream

This divine dessert can be combined with the Guinness to create a float. It’s a refreshing mixture of the stout and sweet vanilla.

8. Soda bread

Soft wheat flour, bread, soda, salt, and buttermilk are used in the creation of this Irish staple food. The baking soda replaces the typically used yeast as a raising agent. Whole meal and white flour are also used throughout Ireland in creating different variations of the baked good.

Irish soda bread and butter

Irish soda bread and butter

9. Short Ribs

These beef pieces are more tender and meatier than pork spare ribs. They are known in the UK as “Jacob’s Ladder.”

10. Friends

To quote a popular Irish drinking toast :

“In all this world, why I do think
There are five reasons why we drink:
Good friends,
good wine,
lest we be dry
and any other reason why.”

Perhaps you have your own meal or snack that you enjoy with your Guinness.

Maybe you prefer peanut butter and jelly or liverwurst when you imbibe the beer. Whatever floats your boat we would like to hear about it.

Please share your succulent suggestions with us in the comments below!

* Originally published in 2016. Updated in 2024.