St. Patrick's Day is here! For humans that can mean wearing green, going to parades, singing some Irish songs, having a few pints at the pub, etc. But for animals it reliably means one thing: looking adorable in St. Patrick's Day get-up. 

The following are the cutest animals we've seen so far this St. Patrick's Day. What a horrible chore it was to put this together! If your pet is dressing up today, tag or mention @IrishCentral in your post on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook, or email us via We might add their photo here! 

Happy St. Patrick's Day, ye adorable animals!

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This teddy bear dog dressed up as a leprechaun

#tbt last years St Paddy's Day when I found a pot of gold! 🍀💰🐶🐻 #WheresMyPants

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 This micro pig very helpfully bringing you a pint in a shopping cart

It's not St Patrick's Day unless there's a pig pushing a trolley & a pint of Guinness while wearing a leprechaun hat.

— Andrew Quinn (@AndrewEQuinn) March 17, 2015

 This hedgehog in a very glamorous hat

Happy early St. Pattys Day! Oh be ready for more pictures to come😍🍀. #hedgehogsofinstagram #hedgiegirl #hedgehogs #stpatricksday #stpaddysday #leprechaun #green #shamrocks

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 This tiny kitten in a hat

This rowdy looking horse

This shockingly cute raccoon

 This pomeranian who's so cute we don't even mind about the Stella Artois

Hank's ready 🍻😄❤ #stpatricksday #stpaddysday #luckoftheirish #pomeranian #hankandbenny #tbt

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 This pupper teething on a shamrock necklace 

This parade-ready Zwartbles lamb

The tiniest leprechaun of all

Kittens and puppies, lambs and horses, hedgehogs and raccoons - these animals are even more excited for St. Patrick's Day than you are!