When all is said and done, is St Patrick's Day as good as we all make it out to be? 

It's one of those days that comes around just once a year but that you spend weeks and in some cases months preparing for.

While many people have given up on the likes of New Year's Eve because it always seems to lead to disappointment no matter how much you try not to get your hopes up, St Patrick's Day never seems to fall foul of the skeptics thinking that it's all going to turn out just a little bit rubbish. 

With all the fuss over and done with, we thought we'd see how your St Patrick's Day went and why you think we should spend so much time preparing for March 17. 

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Had a rubbish St Patrick's Day and think it's always a bit of a letdown? We want to hear from you as well! 

Take our poll below and tell us why, or why not, St Patrick's Day is such a great day: 

How did you spend St Patrick's Day? Let us know in the comments section below. 

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