Ever heard of a Riverdance massage? No, neither had we but now we can't wait to have a try. 

Riverdance has inspired many spinoffs but we never thought we'd see it take the leap into the world of rest, relaxation and self-care. 

As far back as 2008, a Riverdance massage has apparently been on the go and we honestly can't stop laughing at the amazing technique. Just like the performance itself, it all starts pretty straightforward and calm and leads into a massive crescendo and a pretty fast-paced and dramatic massage. 

The masseuse even wears a special Riverdance costume while she takes you through your paces. 

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The technique was tried out by an English radio presenter live on air:

And viewers on a special edition of Irish show Gogglebox were in fits of giggles when they were reminded of it being shown on Irish TV a few years back:

Gogglebox does TV3 - viewers react to 'Riverdance massage'

Gogglebox started a TV3 special where viewers react to some of the best moments featured on TV3 throughout the years - here's the moment that a Riverdance massage was featured on Ireland AM... Send us your pictures and videos by messaging our Facebook page!

Publiée par Irish Daily Mirror sur Vendredi 21 septembre 2018

No news yet on where we can actually avail of this massage but we'll be sure to keep you all posted. 

Would you ever get a Riverdance massage? Let us know in the comments section, below. 

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