Randy Santel, an American professional eater, has become the first person to successfully complete the Irish breakfast roll challenge in Pip's Cafe in Crumlin, Dublin.

Not for the faint of heart, the Irish breakfast roll challenge at Pip's Cafe in Dublin includes a 22-inch French baguette topped with ten bacon rashers, ten sausages, six hash browns, five eggs, five white puddings, five black puddings and beans, all served with a portion of chips!

Each competitor is allocated 45 minutes to complete the challenge and stands to win €50 if they manage to gobble it all down. Santel was the eighth to attempt the challenge and the first ever to complete it.

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"That's the least confident I've ever been going into a challenge," Santel said in a video posted on Pip's Cafe's Facebook page.

"I didn't believe in myself in the beginning because I wasn't as ready as I wanted to be based on how big that thing was."

He added, "Hopefully now after having the best in the business do the challenge we can attract some more big names to attempt it."

Following Santel, Dublin man Will Morgan had a go. In preparation, he hadn't eaten since 6 pm the previous evening but after just 30 minutes, Morgan was defeated by the mammoth feast.

Pip's Cafe says: "Any losers make a donation (minimum €25) to our selected charity, if any companies would like to put forward a team member we will start with the biggest donations, all going to a local charity to be chosen at the end when someone defeats the roll."

Santel is continuing eating his way around Ireland, biting into the Hogs and Heifers Irish Burger Challenge in Dublin, the Pitt Bros BBQ Irish Meat Feast Barbeque Challenge in Dublin, Scotty's 6x6 Irish Bacon Cheeseburger Challenge in Galway, Four Star Pizza's 24-Inch Irish Pizza Challenge in Limerick, De Róiste's Massive Irish Meat Boat BBQ Challenge in Limerick, and Dark Horse Bar's Irish Burgers and Loaded Fries Challenge in Athlone.