An Irish family set up a makeshift McDonald’s Drive-Thru at home for their two young boys during the coronavirus lockdown.

Dad Dave Brennan and mom Vikki have come up with clever ways to keep their two sons, Ethan, 6, and Eli, 2, entertained while stuck at home.

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One of the things the Brennan family has created is a "McDonald's Drive-Thru" in their yard in Clonbur, Co Galway. With the boys seated in the passenger seat of his car, Dave does a U-turn in their front yard, then he drives up to one of the front windows of their home, where Vikki and the family dog take the kids’ order.

Wearing a red cap, their mom leans out the window and says: "Welcome to McDonald's. May I take your order please?"

They order a Happy Meal and chicken nuggets, then dad drives up to the next window where mom hands over some fruit shoots and homemade “Happy Meal” packs.

These fun-loving parents have come up with many different ways to ease the burden of the lockdown on their young sons.

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"We made them a slide out of mattresses down the stairs, some rock painting, treasure hunting, walks up the road with our dogs, discos,” Dave told The Irish Mirror.

"We made them a cardboard shop and also had a St Patrick's Day parade."

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