Lindsey Foster, an American pediatric nurse, hilariously explained on TikTok how she allegedly mispronounced the name "Liam" while at work.

"I'm a pediatric nurse and I am from the deep, deep south, so I butcher everybody's name," Foster said on TikTok.

"If it's not something super simple like Ben or Sally, I'm gonna butcher it.

"So, I see a kid's name on our computer and I say, oh, Liam, I got this. L - I - A - M, Liam, easy.

"I go out, call the kid's name, nobody moves. Call him again, nobody moves.

"Finally, somebody stands up and says, 'Do you mean Yum'?

"And I said, 'No? Um, Liam?'

"And she said, 'Yeah, it's short for willliam."

Foster then gestures that her mind was blown by the interaction - and we can't blame her!

@authorreaganphillips #duet with @lindseymfoster teacher know this pain. #tiktokteachers #authorsoftiktok ♬ original sound - Lindsey

While Foster's original TikTok appears to have been taken down, KidsSpot reports that it was viewed more than 3 million times and received almost 200K likes.

Not surprisingly, the mother's pronunciation of Liam has left more than just Foster perplexed.

"As a mum of a Liam, I am perturbed," said one commenter.

Another jokingly said: "My son's name was Liam. His new name is Yum."

Interestingly enough, the mother that Foster encountered was correct that Liam is short for William; Liam originated as a nickname for Uilliam, the Irish form of William.

The Irish name is extremely popular in the US, ranking as the number one boy name for several years in a row, according to the Social Security Administration.

One reason behind the name's popularity could be due to a number of celebrities who bear the name, such as actors like Liam Neeson, Liam Hemsworth, and Liam Gallagher.