A Korean woman has shared a video of her parents trying Irish food for the first time, and their reactions are priceless!

Instagrammer CrazyKoreanCooking, who often shares videos of her Korean parents trying different foods, recently posted a video showing them tasting Irish food for the first time on St Patrick's Day.

The couple seem to thoroughly enjoy the hearty meal of Guinness Irish lamb stew and Irish soda bread.

The mom compares the stew to gamjatang, a Korean pork bone soup, and the dad says the Irish soda bread is similar to a bread his mom used to make.

The father proudly proclaims the meal is "worthy of Irish kings!"

When his daughter explains it wasn't king's food, but originated from Irish peasants, the dad hilariously responds "Okay then I am peasant!"

They also try Guinness Stout which the mom thinks is "rich" and the dad calls "real beer."

The adorable video ends with the father, stuffed from the meal, splayed out on the couch.

One of the comments under the video praised the parents openness to trying new foods, saying: "They demonstrate an impressive ability to see the dish for what it is, and draw comparisons to help them understand the flavour but without using it as a tool for judgment."

Another comment read: "Your parents truly represent how we all should appreciate, respect every culture’s food … no judgment - attack the food with gusto!!!"

An Irishman also commented saying it is "so cool seeing other cultures enjoy Irish food."

He added: "Us Irish love our takeaways and foods such as Chinese, Indian, Italian, Thai, American etc and order it most weekends, so it's awesome seeing a different culture experience our food. Love it! "