Irish American Kathleen Fitzpatrick - aka Ms. Fitz - saw to it that Christmas came early for her kids after landing a “Hail Mary” shot on the basketball court at recess.

Back in 2021 Fitzpatrick bet her third-grade students at Holy Trinity School in Washington, DC that if she landed the trick basketball shot, she would treat them to hot chocolates before the Christmas break.

The school shared a video of the absolutely heartwarming moment on Instagram and, not surprisingly, it's since gone viral.

The school wrote: "Ms. Fitz threw a Hail Mary and promised all the 3rd graders hot chocolate if she made the shot. 

"Well, God was looking out for her ... Frigid last week of school, here we come!"

As it turns out, Fitzpatrick is no stranger to the basketball court - she played D1 college hoops at Rutgers University in New Jersey.

Fitzpatrick told ESPN's SportsCenter that she usually plays basketball with the kids at recess. 

"I just launched it, and it went in," Fitzpatrick said with a laugh.

"I was so excited to have a hot chocolate party myself," Ms. Fitz said, adding that the kids "were just so excited."

She added: "It was just an opportunity to laugh and have fun at school."

"Did they not know that you've done this before⁉️"

ICYMI ... Ms. Fitz (aka @RutgersWBB alum Kathleen Fitzpatrick) on @SportsCenter with @sagesteele & @mrvincecarter15 today talking about the shot seen 'round the world!#GoRU

— Rutgers W.Basketball (@RutgersWBB) December 23, 2021

Well done, Ms. Fitz!