The Irish woman behind “Martha’s Looking Glass” is staying creative during her free time all while entertaining her fans

Martha Gilheaney, the Irish stylist and blogger behind “Martha’s Looking Glass,” is taking on the viral Getty Museum Challenge much to the delight of her thousands of social media fans.

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The Getty Museum Challenge, which took off around the time that people around the world began to retreat into isolation amidst the coronavirus pandemic, encourages people to find a piece of artwork they like and then recreate it using only materials found in their homes.

After being laid off from her teaching job in Dublin, Gilheaney, a native of Co Leitrim, said she was looking for a project to keep her both busy and creative during the lockdown.  She found herself enjoying browsing other people's Getty Museum Challenge recreations, so she decided to give it a go.

For those of you who requested American Gothic. Couldn't get a pitchfork organised for it but I'm very happy with my baldy head. Hope you like it!

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“Initially, I set up 3 pictures and they went down so well with my audience, so I decided to keep going," Gilheaney told IrishCentral.

A Covent Garden, Brittany by William John Leech vs A Quarantine Kitchen, Dublin by Martha Gilheaney. #artchallenge #tussenkunstenquarantaine #betweenartandquarantine

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"It gave my days a sense of purpose, researching art on Pinterest and going through my wardrobe to see if I could recreate them."

When @martina_mctiernan5 requested Da Vinci's The Last Supper I thought 'Where on earth am I going to find 12 friends in...

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"As it went on my followers were reaching out to me with suggestions and I was enjoying the conversations it was opening up."

The Son of Man by Rene Magritte vs The Daughter of non gendered nouns. Ok simple enough to recreate but that apple did not want to stay there 😂 Happy Friday everyone!!!

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Gilheaney adds: “I'm also a personal stylist and I use my social media to reach clients. Usually, I post outfit pictures, but these days I often wasn't getting dressed and I didn't want to let my pages lie dormant so it was also a good way for me to still be creating content and content that was making other people happy!”

Some of the simpler paintings are harder to recreate because you have to be specific about the details. I do not have...

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You can follow Gilheaney’s fantastic recreations on her Facebook and Instagram pages.

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