Irish names aren't easy to pronounce at the best of times, but pronouncing them under pressure in the middle of a work conference call is a whole different ball game, leading to this absolutely comical incident during the week. 

An Irish woman, named Fionnuala, posted an image on Twitter where she had caught her colleague googling how to pronounce her name red-handed. 

The woman's colleague shared her screen during a work video call but comically forgot to close a tab entitled "how do you pronounce fionnuala". 

The Irish woman took a screengrab of the tab before the meeting came to an end and shared the hilarious image on Twitter alongside the caption "When your colleague shares their screen and they still have this tab open #irishnameproblems." 

When your colleague shares their screen and they still have this tab open #irishnameproblems

— Fionnuala (@Fionnuala_31) July 28, 2020

The tweet has since gone viral, amassing more than 21,000 likes and over 800 comments, many of which documented similar struggles of living in a foreign country with a distinctly Irish name.

Another woman, also named Fionnuala, hilariously tweeted that a surprising number of American colleagues addressed her by her surname only in emails, "as though that motley collection of vowels beginning with an F couldn't possibly be someone's first name." 

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Another Fionnuala told of how she was constantly called "Vanilla" by mistake and even produced photographic evidence of the mistake. 

A number of Americans also responded to the tweet admitting that they had also googled the correct pronunciation of an Irish name. 

Jonathan Plucker, for instance, said: "Full transparency: When I look up the pronunciation of my Irish colleagues' names, I do it on my phone specifically to prevent me from making this same mistake!" 

Almost every Irish person who responded to the tweet agreed that the unfortunate colleague has shown great respect by making the effort to get the name right rather than butcher it during the work call. 

The original poster, for example, was asked whether she found the incident offensive and said: "No, not at all! I usually make them guess first to see how close they are but it’s such a great conversation starter. I’m so proud of my name that I love being able to tell people how to say it!" 

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