An Irish parent in America is bound to come out with at least one of these funny (or annoying...) phrases this March 17. 

They may charm us with their clever wit year-round, but on St Patrick's Day, there are some key phrases that every child growing up in the US will definitely hear from their Irish parents!

"Get up, we'll be late for Mass!"

Ahem, Saint Patrick's Day. 

"Get up, we'll be late for Mass!"

"Get up, we'll be late for Mass!"

"How many sausages do you want?"

Long day ahead! Better line the stomach with a full Irish fry

Did anyone say full Irish breakfast?

Did anyone say full Irish breakfast?

"Now, you do know who St. Patrick was, right?..."

Many Irish parents take the time on March 17 to explain St. Patrick's importance to the history of Catholicism in Ireland. Yes, they do. 

"Ah, bring your jacket for the parade, you'll freeze!"

Irish parents are never the ones to let their wee ones go cold, especially in unseasonably warm weather like 70°F.

"Did you see that one marching?"

She's your father's cousin's husband's sister's aunt … Everyone knows everyone in the Irish community; throw them all together in a parade and it becomes a sea of cousins!

"Jesus, it's Galway, not Gaaaaalway."

American accents aren't always so kind to Irish pronunciations, and most native Irish are never shy to point it out.

"We'll just pop in for a pint."

Which, of course, means an hours-long session at the local pub. Guinness, anyone? 

Guinness, anyone?

Guinness, anyone?

"Corned beef and cabbage isn't even Irish!"

The meal typically served on St. Patrick's Day isn't considered Irish by Irish from Ireland. Opt instead for some spuds and beef stew. That'll keep 'em happy ... 

"Will I put on the kettle?"

As if this is even a matter of discussion after a day of parading and pubbing! Typical response: "Where's the Advil, mom?"

"Good craic, in fairness"

Yes, we had a great time. Reflect on the day spent with family and friends until the wee hours of the morning.

* Originally published in 2016, updated in March 2024.