This guy is a classic example of why Irish Americans have a bad name with some Irish people.

The debate about whether it's better to be Irish or Irish American came to a head on Reddit recently when a user shared the comment of an Irish American tired of being told how he wasn't Irish. Having a go at those born and raised in the Emerald Isle, he claimed that it is those in Ireland itself who fail to act Irish in any way, arguing that our proximity to Britain has just ruined us completely.

“I’m sick of you Irishmen telling us Irish-Americans what a real Irishman is. I’ve been to Cork and Dublin and you’re nowhere near as Irish as us in Boston and New York,” he wrote.

“In your bars, I’ve witnessed you watching soccer games and listening to British bands, with not a pint of Guinness or an Irish flag in sight. I think Ireland is too near to Britain, so come to Boston to be reminded what being Irish is all about. It seems you’ve forgotten true Irish pride.”

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That's us told! Image: Reddit/Lucymarvell444

That's us told! Image: Reddit/Lucymarvell444

Within the comment itself, the writer does a lot to reveal how he is far more American than Irish, as most Irish people know that we don’t need to drape the tricolor on every corner humanly possible like they do in the US to try and hype up the idea of our nation's identity and culture. A love of football (Irish people don’t really call it soccer) is far from a new phenomenon on the isle also, as is the love for music from both Britain and the US.

While we can only apologize for not living up to this man’s ridiculous “The Quiet Man” expectations of Ireland, it would be interesting to see how much he knows about Irish culture outside of the obvious traditional music, dance, and I'll throw Conor McGregor in the mix there, too.

Could he tell us who Bosco is? Can he name all the presenters of the Late Late Show? Would he know Mícheál Ó Muircheartaigh if he slapped him in the face?

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Of course, Irish Reddit users were not happy and pointed out how real-life Ireland may not be exactly what Irish Americans think it is.

So let’s have it out, Irish America versus Ireland, who do you think is more Irish? Or are you simply as Irish as you feel?