Why didn't we think of this brilliant Guinness trick sooner?

Did you know you can use a can of Guinness to defrost your windshield?

Mayo man Des Walsh has shared a brilliant video showing us how to use Guinness to defrost an icy windshield.

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"A friend of mine came up with a brilliant idea," says Des in his video. 

"Alcohol has a -128 (C) freezing point," he adds.

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We’re not sure this is exactly what Arthur Guinness had in mind centuries ago, but we doubt he’d be mad about it either.

With temperatures plummeting across Ireland and the US, this uniquely Irish trick will have you on the roads in no time!

(Just no drinking before you get behind the wheel!)

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Check out the video here - cheers to Des Walsh for sending it along!:

Defrosting windows: Irish style

As Ireland and The U.S. is gripped by extreme cold.... Video: News at 5ish

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