Irish weather warning in effect through Saturday

The weather in Ireland is set to be “bitterly cold” with a chance of snow this week as Met Éireann has issued a 5-day weather warning.

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On Twitter, Met Éireann shared that a ‘status yellow’ warning will be in effect in Ireland beginning Tuesday morning and lasting through Saturday.

Weather Alert. Level: Yellow. For Ireland.

— Met Éireann (@MetEireann) January 28, 2019

The Irish national forecaster said on Monday: “Very cold this week with scattered wintry showers, frequent across the southwest, west, and north.”

“Some accumulations of snow are expected. There will be widespread frost at night with icy stretches on untreated surfaces.”

"There is the possibility of a more significant spell of sleet/snow on Thursday."

7 Day Forecast

— Met Éireann (@MetEireann) January 28, 2019

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As per RTE Weather: “Tuesday night will be very cold, wintry showers of hail, sleet, and snow will continue."

"There will be a widespread sharp or severe frost and icy patches. Lowest temperatures of -3C(27F) to +1C(31F) degrees.”

“Wednesday will continue cold with some wintry showers at first, however, a good deal of dry weather is expected in the afternoon with sunny spells."

"Highest temperatures of 3C(7F) to 7C(45F) degrees with mostly moderate west to northwest breezes.”

“On Wednesday night, severe frost and icy patches will develop.”

“Thursday remains very uncertain but current indications suggest it will start cloudy in most areas with a band of rain spreading from the southwest. The rain possibly turning to snow as it pushes northeastwards but there is a lot of uncertainty in relation to this feature at the moment. It will be very cold with temperatures of just 3C(37F) to 6C(42F) degrees.”

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“Frost and ice will develop on Thursday night along with further wintry showers.”

“Friday will continue cold. There will be a good deal of dry weather in central areas but a few showers will occur along east and Atlantic coasts, a few possibly wintry in parts of the west and northwest. Highest temperatures of 3C(7F) to 6C(42F) degrees with moderate to fresh northerly breezes.”

“Next weekend: Cold with sunny spells and a few scattered showers on Saturday, some wintry in the north and west. Frost and ice overnight with lows of 0C(32F) to -2C(28F) Celsius. Current indications suggest a band of rain will approach from the west Sunday afternoon and spread across the country overnight. Lows of 2C(36F) to 6C(42F) Celsius.”