From Facebook comedy sketches to TV weather report pranks, there have been some pretty hilarious Irish humor videos in 2017. 

While Ireland's funniest comedians have kept us laughing the year through, sometimes its the more informal pranks or the things caught on camera that were never supposed to be funny that catch the public's attention. 

We look back at some of the funniest Irish videos from 2017 and laugh all over again: 

1. KFC's St. Patrick's Day ad

In 2017, KFC Ireland were showing off with their hilariously funny video for the “O’Sanders Feast,” ripping apart the trend of certain US food chains and brands in coming up with lame attempts to market their products around St. Patrick’s Day.  

KFC’s O’Sanders’ Feast expert Randy O’Brien returned for the second year to poke fun at others’ failures. O'Brien shows how KFC is using a green screen which allows him to pretend he’s trotting through the hills on a horse, and using the very Irish word “grand” before promising to up the Irishness levels 200%.

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How to make chicken more Irish. Here's our American marketing guy, Randy, with some great ideas on how to make the 100% Irish chicken in our O'Sanders Feast even MORE Irish.

Posted by KFC on Dé Luain, 13 Márta 2017

2. Kerry accent in stolen sheep news report

Two Irish farmers went viral in 2017 because of their amazingly difficult accents.

The pair from Brandon in West Kerry were interviewed about a serious matter –  roughly 60 sheep were likely stolen from their flocks. But even people who were born and raised in Ireland have trouble understanding what they were saying.

“These lads live no more than 30km from my home in Tralee and I'd need an interpreter to understand them!” one man commented on Facebook.

Gardaí in Co Kerry are investigating the theft of up to 60 sheep on Mount Brandon

— RTÉ News (@rtenews) April 9, 2017

3. Irish house invaded by a bat 

Ireland's viral hit of the year was definitely this poor family's attempts to get a bat out of their kitchen. 

The side-splitting video shows an Irish dad attempting to remove a flying bat, set to the hilarious commentary from his chronically useless son.

“He’s making a mockery out of you, boy,” the man shouts as he watches his father battle with the nocturnal creature, first from the safety of the other end of the room and then from behind the glass door into the kitchen when the near brushes with the bat get too much for him to handle.

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4. Hilarious best man prank 

A County Kildare man played a hilarious prank on his brother just hours before his wedding.

Colm Carberry hid a video camera in his brother’s room before swapping his groom suit for one two sizes too small. He then filmed his brother struggling to get into the tiny pair of trousers and jacket.

To top it all off, Colm played the video later on at the wedding reception as part of his best man’s speech.

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5. Irish pub's Christmas ad

Forget John Lewis and other classic Christmas adverts, one Co. Offaly pub created THE holiday ad of 2017.

JJ Gough’s Singing Pub in Banagher, Co. Offaly, is apparently known for serving up a perfect pint of Guinness but they’ve really come out of the woodwork in terms of creating a great Irish Christmas advert.

Shooting part of it on location in the pub, part in the home of an elderly woman struggling to put her Christmas tree and part using some fabulous drone footage of the countryside, this sweet and hilarious advert will have you chuckling.

Drone Alone

Presenting the 2017 JJ Hough's Christmas Ad ' DRONE ALONE' a film by Ger Hough, In association with Song Lonely Avenues by Ultan Conlon. Thanks to Sheila Hough, Darragh Kelly John Hough Martin Murphy, Margaret Murphy, Vinny Fennel, Noel Hayes snr Pierre Pepper Aileen Corrigan and future film star Blaithin Corrigan. Happy Christmas to all our customers. John Lewis Guinness DJI Ultan Conlon

Posted by JJ Houghs Singing Pub on Dé Luain, 27 Samhain 2017

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6. TG4 Halloween prank

For the third year in a row, Irish-language TV station TG4 played a blinder on Halloween night with yet another prank during their evening weather report. 

After being struck down by lightning last Halloween, Irish presenter Caitlín Nic Aoidh fell foul of yet another prank this year, with some interesting looking Snapchat filters appearing as she made her continuity announcement.

What was your favorite Irish video of 2017? Let us know about it in the comments section, below.