For the first time in history it’s believed that a photograph of the famous Irish ghostly apparition the Grey Lady has been captured at the Dark Hedges, in Stranocum, County Antrim, a location made famous recently in the HBO series “Game of Thrones.”

Gordon Watson, a photographer, from Ballycastle, got quite a shock when he processed his film from the day's shooting on Friday and spotted the wispy shape at the center of the photo.

Kevin McAuley, another well-known local photographer examined the photo and insists that there’s no way it has been digitally enhanced. He told the Ballymoney Times, “It looks like a dress going towards the shape of a figure and it’s at this end of the trees where the Grey Lady has been seen by a variety of people over the years.

“This is the only known version ever to have been recorded in any fashion.”

The Grey Lady is said to haunt the spooky road surrounded by ancient beech trees. Legend has it that she glides along the road and vanishes as she passes the last beech tree.

Some believe the ghost to be that of a maid from a nearby house who died in mysterious circumstances hundreds of years ago. Others think she is a lost spirit from an abandoned graveyard, in the fields nearby.

The Dark Hedges is one of the most photographed natural phenomenons in Northern Ireland. The avenue was planted two hundred years ago to impress visitors as they approached the entrance to the Georgian mansion, Gracehill House. Recently it has become even more popular as it was featured in the smash hit show “Game of Thrones” representing the King’s Road.

Check out the photo here:

Local photographer shocked to see the wispy ghostly figure in his shot of the Dark Hedges in Antrim.Getty Images/iStockphoto