St Patrick's Day animals are really the best! These cute animals dressed for St Patrick's Day will really make your day. 

St. Patrick's Day is here! For humans that can mean wearing green, going to parades, singing some Irish songs, having a few pints at the pub, etc. But for animals, it reliably means one thing: looking adorable in St. Patrick's Day get-up. 

The following are the cutest animals we've seen so far this St. Patrick's Day. What a horrible chore it was to put this together! If your pet is dressing up this weekend, tag or mention @IrishCentral in your post on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook, or email us via We might add their photo here! 

Happy St. Patrick's Day, ye adorable animals!

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This teddy bear dog dressed up as a leprechaun

#tbt last years St Paddy's Day when I found a pot of gold! 🍀💰🐶🐻 #WheresMyPants

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 This micro pig very helpfully bringing you a pint in a shopping cart

It's not St Patrick's Day unless there's a pig pushing a trolley & a pint of Guinness while wearing a leprechaun hat.

— Andrew Quinn (@AndrewEQuinn) March 17, 2015

 This hedgehog in a very glamorous hat

Happy early St. Pattys Day! Oh be ready for more pictures to come😍🍀. #hedgehogsofinstagram #hedgiegirl #hedgehogs #stpatricksday #stpaddysday #leprechaun #green #shamrocks

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 This tiny kitten in a hat

This rowdy looking horse

This shockingly cute raccoon

 This pomeranian who's so cute we don't even mind about the Stella Artois

Hank's ready 🍻😄❤ #stpatricksday #stpaddysday #luckoftheirish #pomeranian #hankandbenny #tbt

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 This pupper teething on a shamrock necklace 

This parade-ready Zwartbles lamb

The tiniest leprechaun of all

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Does it get any better than this rabbit dressed for St Patrick's Day? Getty