Did you know that they make earmuffs for calves?! It's to protect their wee ears from frostbite. 

An Irish farmer recently went viral after sharing an adorable bit knowledge on Twitter: there's such a thing as earmuffs for calves. 

Cans Moleman, a dairy farmer from County Meath, got 200k likes and re-tweets after sharing the sweet image of a calf wearing pink knit earmuffs. 

So it turns out ear muffs for calves to stop them getting frostbite are a real thing... pic.twitter.com/KiiAbTaRYV

— Cans Moleman (@ThisFarmingMan_) June 25, 2019

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He later clarified that it hasn't been cold enough yet in Ireland for him to consider earmuffs for his own calves, but he does put coats on his when it gets very cold: 

They're made for places like Canada where it gets to around -10.. We put lil coats on some of the weaker calves on our farm though pic.twitter.com/sguP9uIeqZ

— Cans Moleman (@ThisFarmingMan_) June 25, 2019

This inspired others to share calf stories, like this person whose family used to welcome them inside by the fire: 

We used to bring calves into the basement by the fire when it got too cold in the winter. They’d have muffs on and i’d read them bedtime stories and feed them bottles of milk

— gen n tonic (@picklegen) June 26, 2019

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And photos of other surprising animal accessories, like this chicken saddle: 

If you also want to know something cute & ridiculous, they also make chicken saddles! They're used to help keep their backs safe from further injury from roosters.
Here's two of my own girls wearing them <3 pic.twitter.com/B6xA2PfGa5

— Cece ✧ @ SPOP S3 SPOILERS (@qrowcities) June 26, 2019

The post also drew some angry backlash from animal rights activists, as well as some more colorful comparisons to Batman villain Bane and BDSM masks. 

And others drew comparisons to that itchy woolen sweater we all had growing up. 

It looks like his grandma knit it for him and his mom is making him wear it.

— the OG MC (@M_Nikki_C) June 26, 2019


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