St. Patrick's Day trees are the latest holiday-themed trend to take off on both sides of the Atlantic and some folks have really taken up the mantle. 

The trees are essentially Christmas trees bedecked in shamrocks and leprechauns instead of the usual baubles, tinsel, and glitter and they've really taken households by storm. 

It's hard to know when the idea took off or what caused such a spike in popularity, but they look like they're here to stay. 

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From standalone trees to whole sitting rooms resembling a green version of Christmas, St. Patrick's Day trees are becoming increasingly common, and here are some of our favorites from the last few years. 

Not only does this effort include an elaborately decorated tree, but it also includes a living room kitted out with a wide range of ornaments and memorabilia. The customary star or angel on top of the tree has been replaced with a seasonal leprechaun's hat. 

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This tree from last year stands out as it is much more in line with the Irish flag. The artificial white leaves blend with the green decorations to give the tree a much more Irish feel. 

The white also sets the tree apart from the usual Christmas tree. We're not big fans of the "top of the morning to you" hashtag, though. 

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Top marks for effort in this one. You'd rarely see a more heavily decorated tree at Christmas time, let alone St. Patrick's Day. We didn't even think there were this many St. Patrick's Day decorations available to buy in stores. 

This tree from last year is a cornucopia of green and features a particularly impressive collection of tiny leprechaun hats. The collection is topped off by an inflatable leprechaun and a white tree. 

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This tree from two years ago might not be the most impressive one, but it has a dog in it.

What's the best St. Patrick's Day tree you've come across? Let us know in the comments.