Ciara Sexton and Scott Doherty are teaming up to bring Irish dancers discussions from industry insiders.

Ciara Sexton, a World Champion Irish dancer who has gone on to tour and choreograph professionally, is launching a free video resource and webinar series for Irish dancers around the world.

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Sexton’s first webinar, "Professional Dance Seminar," is open to Irish dancers of all ages and levels and is being hosted today, June 5, on Zoom at 9 pm Irish time / 4 pm NYC time. 

So excited to be giving back to the ID community with the amazing Scott Doherty! Teachers please share!! Free help,...

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Today’s webinar in the first in a series of six that will feature industry insiders discussing tips and tricks for taking your Irish dance career to a professional level. Sexton has teamed up with US-based dancer, choreographer, and producer Scott Doherty for the new project.

Sexton, who is so excited for the webinar to kick off, told IrishCentral: “Myself and Scott have organized 6-weeks of Zoom webinars for any dancers who may be interested in becoming a professional. I plan to answer every question asked and cover topics such as where to begin with a resume, the importance of your showreel, and how to tackle an audition day.

She added: "I am a dancer, choreographer and I have directed Irish dance productions so I wanted to find a way to connect with dancers worldwide and share as much insight into the industry as I could with special guests appearing each week at no cost."

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In addition to her free webinar series, Sexton is also launching a YouTube channel where she intends to deliver "bite-sized inspirational videos for Irish dancers."

Sexton told IrishCentral: “Right now all I want to do is give back to my Irish dance community and creating the YouTube channel is certainly helping me feel like I am doing so. I have ten videos ready to share and will be sharing every three weeks. 

To mark the launch of her new video series, Sexton, who has continued doing Irish dance workshops online during lockdowns, has shared a touching new video on her YouTube page:

Sexton wrote: “Sometimes my students are absolutely BUZZING for their class. Their shoes are taped, they are warmed up and so excited to learn, dance, focus, and listen!

“Other times that may not be the case. They could be late, unprepared, unmotivated, or even not show up at all, with no text or explanation.

“As the weeks went by, I began to make sure to check in on their feelings before or after class. They seemed hesitant to admit when they were down... Almost ashamed to admit it to me, someone who loves, cares, and who only and always wants what’s best for them. 

“I wondered that if they were struggling to tell me, they perhaps might be struggling to tell their parents also. I scoured the Internet for information, help, or guidance for Irish Dancers at this time in our lives. I found many positive posts from our community. Photos and hashtags and videos willing people to dance through this time. 

“However, I was looking for something a little different, that could acknowledge all dancers in our global community, no matter what country they are in or commission they belong to, that we ALL have down days (and that's your teachers included) and how important it is to acknowledge what we are feeling and why. 

“To acknowledge and to accept, we can begin to make a plan to move past and have a better day perhaps tomorrow than we did today. 

“In order to communicate this, I asked my dear friend Megan Kerrigan to help me write a very special poem to dancers around the world. #itsoktonotbeok #youarenotalone #globalidcommunity."

You can learn more about Ciara Sexton's new video project for Irish dancers on her YouTube page and Facebook page.

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