In publication since May 1952, Ireland of the Welcomes celebrates its 70th year. Adrian Flannelly and Kate Hickey discuss the incredible chronicle of tourism in Ireland over 70 years and chat about its celebratory anniversary issue.

This Saturday on Adrian Flannelly's famous Irish Radio show, the veteran talk show host interviewed Kate Hickey, the CEO of Irish Studio Media Publishing about Ireland of the Welcomes, the bi-monthly magazine marking its 70th year in 2022. To mark its anniversary Ireland of the Welcomes has just released a special anniversary edition including incredible articles from Irish writers such as Patrick Kavanagh and Brendan Behan along with photographer John Hinde and artist Paul Henry. 

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Listen now as Adrian Flannelly discusses the incredible history of the magazine as ISMP marks its 70th anniversary. 

For the past 70 years, Ireland of the Welcomes has been the favorite Irish magazine exploring Ireland for the Irish American community. Ireland of the Welcomes is the perfect place to discover the latest articles about their beloved homeland - from culture and history to tourism and the arts. The bi-monthly print magazine is illustrated with the most breathtaking photography of the lush land of Ireland. Ireland of the Welcomes has been, for the last 70 years, a door to everything Irish.

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