The desire to travel the world is often met with the harsh recognition of one's limitations.

Whether its access to funds, buddies to travel with or the worry that not being proficient in a particular language may hinder your ability to navigate remote villages that you'd like to visit, there is a lot to consider before you make the move. But there's now a smart solution for at least one of those problems, thanks to an Irish-founded app. 

Smigin is a language app that can teach you vital words and phrases in a range of tongues - and you don't even need Wifi.

Smigin launched on iOS in February 2014 and has been downloaded +90,000 times in 175 countries.

Yesterday, the Android app was launched with the commitment of a global feature from Google. Following an introduction to Google in June 2014, Smigin, a New York based early-stage startup has been working with Google NYC’s Business Development team to launch Smigin on Android.

Google offered to support the development of the Smigin app to ensure a fully optimized Android experience. Over the past six months, Smigin worked through several iterations of the app following constructive app optimization feedback from the Google Play Apps Editorial Board. Having incorporated that feedback, the Google Editorial Board confirmed that they would globally feature Smigin today, August 20th.

Smigin is localized in multiple languages so the feature will extend to each target market that the app supports including: the US, Canada, the UK, Australia, Brazil, Latin America, France, Spain, Italy and Portugal.

“The demand for the Smigin Android app has been overwhelming, which is not surprising given that Android is still the most popular operating system with 80% share of the smartphone market,” said Founder & CEO Susan O’Brien.

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