RTE's "Newsround" interviews postman Mike Sheehan from Goleen, West Cork, who delivered mail by bicycle for 42 years. 

In the picturesque town of Goleen, West Cork, Ireland, a remarkable postman named Mike Sheehan defied the odds and delivered mail by cycling a challenging 27-mile route for an astonishing 42 years. His friends tallied up the extensive wear and tear on his equipment and estimate the remarkable distances he traveled.

Mike Sheehan's commitment to his job is unparalleled. Over the course of his remarkable career, he went through 22 bicycles, wearing them out through countless miles on his postal route. With an estimated 96 pairs of tires and 240 pairs of brake pads replaced. His dedication to delivering mail by bicycle was evident.

Goleen's mountainous terrain presented Mike with numerous steep climbs and challenging descents. His determination and physical endurance is truly impressive, as he navigated the rugged paths to ensure the mail reached its intended recipients.

As the last of the cycling postmen in Goleen, this interview with Mike Sheehan is a reminder of the old-fashioned way of life. His dedication and love for his job have not only served the community by delivering mail but have also fostered a sense of connection and familiarity that is often lost in the impersonal nature of modern communication.

Sheehan passed away on Nov 8, 2018, aged 107 or 108. Clearly, his cycling did him good! 

The video description reads: 

"Postman Mike Sheehan of Goleen, West Cork has been delivering the mail by cycling his 27-mile route for 42 years.

"His friends calculate he has worn out a total of 22 bikes, 96 pairs of tires, 240 pairs of brake pads, and that at a conservative minimum, he has cycled the equivalent of ten times around the Equator, just doing his job.

"The mountain terrain makes for some steep climbs and the other two Goleen postmen prefer to use a car or a motorbike. Does this mean it is the end of the line for the cycling postman?"

* Originally published in 2022, updated in July 2023.